4. MIKS 2018 AWARDS | Cartoonmiks


4th International Cartoon Exhibition in Sisak – MIKS “Black Sails” 2018

Black Sails floated to Croatia!

In Sisak, open the world’s largest gathering of Pirates (Cartoonists) in 2018!

On June 29, 2018 in the Sisak City Museum, in front of about 100 visitors & guests, this year’s largest Cartoon Exhibition of the World – 4th MIKS “Black Sals” was opened.
This year’s contest on the subject of pirates MIKS has received 2388 papers from 885 authors from 87 countries around the world.
In the last 5 years (according to available data, and probably longer) in the World of Cartoons, no Festival (Exhibition, Competition, Cartoonist gathering) in the Competition of nearly 300 International Gatherings of Cartoonists (held every year) has not attracted so many Cartoonists from so many Countries on one place.
The success of MIKS is even more significant if we take into account that we in Sisak have no (support) budget, tradition or logistics at the level of other similar events in the world of cartoons.
This year, MIKS hosted in Sisak as Members of the International Jury the World’s most Famous Cartoon Names.
Luc Descheemaeker (Belgium) – One of the World’s Best Cartoonists, winning the Grand Prix Prize at this year’s World Press Cartoon in Portugal.
Koestana (Indonesia) is a world Renowned and Recognized Cartoonist and Founder of the Golden Pen Association.
Julian Pena Pai of Romania is a World Renowned Cartoonist and web portal Leader on the History of World Cartoons.
Fawsy Morsy of Egypt is a Cartoonist and Organizer of one of the World’s Largest Gatherings of Cartoonists every year held in Cairo.
Andrea Pecchia is an Italian Cartoonist (the new wave of his cartoon) who has achieved Remarkable Results in the World of Cartoons for the past 3-4 years.
Krešimir Galović (Croatian art historian, journalist and writer)
And as the president of the international jury and organizer Nenad Ostojić, the Croatian Cartoonist (Winner of 10 World Awards and Recognition in last 2 year, as well as the Winner of the Annual Award of the Sisak-Moslavina County and the City of Sisak for Outstanding Achievements in 2017).



1. Igor Smirnov (Russia)
2. Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)
3. Slawomir Makal (Poland)


1. Luc Vernimmen (Belgium)
2. Andrei Popov (Russia)
3. Elena Ospina (Colombia)
4. Marco De Angelis (Italy)
5. Grzondziel Krzysztof (Poland)
6. Eshan Ganji (Iran)
7. Konstantin Kazanchev (Ukraine)
8. Julio Cesar Ibarra Warnes (Argentina)
9. Regis Teixeira (Brazil)
10.Klaus Pitter (Austria)
11. Dobroslav Bob Živković (Serbia)