3. MIKS 2017 AWARDS | Cartoonmiks


June 29, 2017

City Museum in Sisak, Croatia

The 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition MIKS “Ancient Astronauts”

In Sisak, on 29 June 2017, the largest museum of the city is open (according to the number of participants and without fake modesty one of the best cartoon festivals in 2017 in the world).

The exhibition was opened by the mayor of the city of Sisak Kristina Ikič Baniček!

In addition to guests, guests and members of the International Jury at the opening of the exhibition arrived also guests (cartoonists) from Slovenia, Italy, Austria …

During the opening of the exhibition, the winners of this year’s competition were announced.

3. MIKS 2017 had several additional content

In the City Gallery of Striegl, the 1st International Comic Exhibition was opened. The works of world renowned cartoonists such as Igor Kordeja, Goran Kovačević, Bane Kerac, Dubravko Mataković and others were presented.

Zoran Petrovic (Germany) member of the jury and vice president of the MIKS association made a sculpture from the wood, and we were pleased that only galaxy guests arrived at the opening. Their spacecraft (UFO) is still in the center of Sisak. What was also said about the CNN program. 🙂

Thanks to all those who participated and helped MIKS have 575 participants this year, over 2100 papers from 80 countries of the world …

I’m sending you photos of openings and photos of award-winning works.

kind regards

Nenad Ostojić
President of the international association of cartoonists MIKS

Eduardo Baptistao (Brazil), Marco De Angelis (Italy), Arifur Rahman (Norway / Bangladesh), Zoran Petrović (Germany), Roko Idžjotić, Darijana Gotal, Matija Holjevac and Nenad Ostojić (all of Croatia).


First prize: Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)
Second Prize: Bilal Zulfigar Abidin (Indonesia)
Third prize: Angel Boligan (Mexico)

Special acknowledgments of MIKS:
1. Doru Axinte (Romania)
2. Sebastian Cast (Argentina)
3. Bruno Hamzagic (Brazil)
4. Vasiliy Alexandrov (Russia)
5. Trayko Popov (Bulgaria)
6. Andrea Pecchia (Italy)

Special Visitor Recognition:
1. Elena Ospina (Kolombija)

Special acknowledgments of MIKS festival partner
1. Fenamizah: Kostantin Kazanchev (Ukraine)
2. Toons Mag: Saman Torabi (Iran)
3. Tapir: Slawomir Makal (Poland)
4. Vjekoslav Bojat (Montenegro)